>Genesis 1:2 (2007)

I am a very logical, concrete guy and usually love art without much ambiguity. However, when in my Design Concepts class we were asked to paint a picture I decided to do something abstract for fun (and for laziness). I started out on the this picture by doing whisps of black, white, teal and blue. I wanted to give the abstract feeling of refreshment or a surf. But my drive for art with intent and purpose got the best of me. I wanted to add a hand in front like the hand art by "cavemen" from various caves. I then wanted to "Biblicalize" it. So I tried to make it a picture dealing with the creation account. "The world was void and without form" (Gen 1:2). So I added stars and whisps of energy to make it look like order was being created out of the formlessness.

Genesis 1:2


>Me, Myself, and Eyes (2001)

When I was in highschool I created this for an art show in a local mall. I didn't win though. My dad came up with the catchy name for it. The picture is suppose to be a cartoon representation of me and my various expressions.

Me Myself and Eyes


>Lighthouse at Twilight (2001)

I also created this for an art show in a local mall, and I didn't win with this one either. The sunset started out much cooler - it was more vibrant looking, but I kind of ruined it by reworking it and reworking it.

Lighthouse at Twilight


>Loon Lovers Paradise (2000)

I won third place with this painting. I won a whopping $10! A small fortune to a budding artist.

Loon Lovers Paradise



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