>Evolutionism (November, 2005)

This editorial appeared in the PC Pioneer after I attend a candidate's forum. I only mention the first names of the democrat politicians. Liberals are super weak when it comes to academic freedom. They would prefer to brainwash children with the fairy tale of evolutionism!



Local Politicians Oppose Intellectual Freedom


To the editor:

 I attended the candidate's forum on November 15th.  When a question concerning if alternative views on origins should be taught in government schools, namely Intelligent Design; Tim and Tom strongly opposed alternative views being taught.  This shows how out of touch Democrats are on intellectual freedom.  They brought up that they believe in the so called “value” of tolerance, yet on the issue of origins they are very intolerant to opposing views!

            Tom said, Intelligent Design is an “intriguing story, but not science.”  That’s an interesting statement.  Consider the story of evolutionism and see if it is science.  In a nutshell, the theory of evolutionism is that “nothing” exploded some billions of years ago and became “everything”.  Through the magical ingredient of “time” they believe that man originated from apes, which came from slime somewhere down the line, which ultimately came from nothing!  The first cause of evolutionism is “nothing”.  I marvel at the faith of an evolutionist to actually think we derived from nothing!  Sorry Tom, this obviously is not science which we can repeat in a laboratory.  This is not science that we make through observation.  It does however comprise a very intriguing fairy tale.  During the Dark Ages the “scientists” of that time believed that rats “evolved” from garbage, since they always saw the rats “magically” appear from the garbage piles.  True science has put away these outdated, primary beliefs, such as the discovery of the Law of Biogenesis by Louis Pasteur.  This law stated that life can only come from life.

            When asked the same question, Tim said he doesn’t want to impose his religion on others.  First of all, Intelligent Design is not a religion but it is a faith issue.  It takes faith to believe that God created everything.  In Intelligent Design the first cause is God.  When it comes to origins, this area goes beyond the realm of science since it needs to be observable, verifiable, falsifiable, and repeatable.  No one has ever witnessed the “Big Bang” or repeated it in the laboratory.  Evolutionism falls under the faith issue.  As mentioned above it takes incredible faith to believe that everything came from nothing!

            We should be “fair” and “tolerant” and let students be taught both views on origins since they’re equally based on faith.  We need to let them make their own educated decisions based on the empirical evidence.  Obviously Tim and Tom, don't want that.  For some reason they just want one theory, based on medieval science!  (Oh by the way, for you tolerance buffs – hang on!  Islam also believes in “Intelligent Design!”)



 Daniel Nuckols






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