>NWC Egos

>#18 Hard Questions

I love it how the Queen of Sheba throws in the question: "Are you married?" King Solomon is probably thinking, "yeah, over 700 times..."

NWC 18

>#17 Dog Eat Homework

Another late night inspiration... Yikes.

NWC 17

>#16 Solitaire Security

This is just bad, I can't even spell "Guard" right.

NWC 16

>#15 Air Head

This is how I felt after taking an honors Comp II course. A little lightheaded... :)

NWC 15

>#14 The Power of a Cartoonist

When cartoonists feel like a failure... *sniff! *sniff! :)

NWC 14

>#13 Light Refreshments

Northwestern motto was "Light the Way" for the spring semester. What better way to "Light the Way" than to have light refreshments...

NWC 13

>#12 "Kiss-Miss-Toe"

Historical Note: The cartoon that didn't make it for the Christmas issue 2006. I was too late in sending it. The column did a controversial photo cartoon in its stead. Let's just say that Big Ott was not too happy with the replacement...

>#11 Frog Legs

My favorite target for NWC Ego cartoons... The cafeteria. :)

NWC 11

>#10 Cookie Raid

This is how I felt after raiding cookies from the girl's side of the dorms on Hartill Cookie Night...

Good cookies, ladies! :)

NWC 10

>#9 Pep Band is Fooled

I can't take any credit for this cartoon... My dad gave me the idea of the pep band playing at a bingo tourney, and My roomie gave me the contact football bit.

..."and I'd also like to thank the many others who showed support to make all this possible... and to the many editors... technichians.... Blah, blah, blah..."


>#8 Sold Out Theater

My dad actually gave me the idea for this one... It was his reaction to the sold-out tiny new studio theatre...


>#7 Football Frenzy

My family got really disgusted at the football frenzy poster of a guy that is looks like he is screaming in utter pain. Hence the cartoon...


>#6 Classifing Classes

Hmm... I wonder which is the senior class.


>#5 Goodbye "Rock", Hello "Stone..."

This would actually be a good idea...


>#4 Dance, Dance, Dance...

How come dancing jokes are already becoming old at Northwestern?


>#3 Coach Talley - The Leprechaun

The famous cartoon that perplexed the college for days (if not yrs).

Hey, This sounded really funny at 3am in the morning. I actually wanted this to go in St. Patricks Day paper and have some comment about racial unity... (it was a hot topic back then). I had the picture done, but I just needed a caption and this was the best me and my roomies came up with.


>#2 "Athlete's Foot"

Another good idea from my dad. I love it how the little fat guy is munching on the mushrooom from his foot..


>#1 "The Mark"

My very first one... I thought it was original :)



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